we are a salt cave + work/shop for the healing/arts in the green + lively woods of hopewell.

in love… in laughter… in pleasure… in meditation… in dreaming… in art… in simple silence… in dancing and movement… when we are engaged in these moments of flow and magic, there is a lift to the heart. we glimpse the divine dance of life- spoken of as lila- and the glimpse alone softens and heals us. we believe here that laughter and pleasure are more than luxuries or frivolty… we see them as the magic wands of ascension*… and as we engage more on this level of flow, we heal ourselves, our community and the world around us.

come to simply sit and breathe the salty air. come to experience reiki and guided meditation. come to join a women’s circle or study yourself through a text. come on the full moon to reflect or the new moon to set intentions. come to see the sun rise in the woods or for a warm bowl of soup and conversation. come to create art or connect with your children. come just to sit or come to dance. whenever you are ready and however you choose to show up, we are happy to join you. to laugh together and hold space for you on your journey.. even the thought brings a lift to the heart.

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about me?

i do believe in an everyday sort of magic- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence when we think we are alone.

-Charles De Lint

well... i began this journey when i was little... finding that the world and i were more unified than separate.

magic and connection were everywhere. there was this bubbling joy i was never given a name for, but i encountered again and again...

i found it sifting through my mother's tarot cards or my father's well worn book on palmistry. i found it when some wild gym teacher taught us how to meditate and sit in silence. later, it came to me in a random run-in with qi gong and a book on creativity that i carted around for 12 years before opening it and letting it blow my mind. it came to me in numerology, in reiki and strolling through the akashic records... in deep hypnotic trance and guided visualizations that shifted my world gently, but for good. in floral essences that stun me again and again with their power and grace. in book after book after book written by others playing in the same fields, and who offer the philosopher's stone to us all.

mostly it came to me as i let the rules fall away and began to follow my curiosity... for in the direction of curiosity? there is joy. and that joy? it is the road to your passion. and your passion? that reveals your purpose. and when you begin to live with purpose? the whole universe conspires to help. 

and all along the way? the magic. the bubbling joy. the luminescent grid. reminding me that i am one note in a glorious symphony. and to really hear the music play? we all need to sing. we all need to shine. 

which leads me to sault haus. i open the doors with great joy and great love. i hope its a place for people to feel understood. to feel curious. to get to know their strengths, face their fears and feel the magic.

i hope you find joy here. 

xo kirsten

love is the bridge between you and everything.

- rumi