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EMBODIMENT PRACTICE -with kirsten haley

in the lineage of tantra and meditation, embodiment refers to the re-awakening of our bodily awareness, our somatic sense of the the world and the natural intuitive intelligence of our physical being.

modern science is speaking more and more about the de-centralized intelligence of our bodies… that knowing is not centralized in our brain but may be a more networked system that is processed by our brain. when we connect to our body’s intelligence more holistically, we are empowering ourselves to engage fully with the world and to be met fully in return.

we live in a culture that celebrates the active alert mindset- purpose driven and externally focused. in embodiment work, we are expanding our palette, accessing more nuanced states of consciousness on a path to liberation and increased power.

in an embodiment practice, we begin to access your body’s system of communication. exploring flow state, emotional patterns and conditioning and the activation of your intuitive flexibility. your body is ALWAYS speaking to you. embodiment practice gives you the tools to listen.

“Embodiment is the practice of attending to your sensations. Awareness of your body serves as a guiding compass to help you feel more in charge of the course of your life. Somatic awareness provides a foundation for empathy, helps you make healthy decisions, and gives important feedback about your relationships with others. Embodiment in somatic psychology applies mindfulness and movement practices to awaken body awareness as a tool for healing.”
-Dr. Arielle Schwartz

20 minutes introduction to embodiment practice: FREE

55 minute session: $120

85 minute session: $160

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