what's going on here?

sault haus is trying something a little different, so you may be wondering what kind of place this is. most generally, we are a place focused on high-vibe healing. this means we are exploring all types of healing arts and practices- energy work, tarot, meditation, halotherapy, self- discovery activities, numerology, floral essences, sacred dance, shamanic healing, kundalini yoga, communing with nature, crystals, essential oils and on and on- AND that we want to bring you these things in a way that feels well designed, very high quality and easily accessible. hence, a pleasure for the spirit AND a pleasure for your senses. you can come here for a halotherapy session, a moon or energy gathering, to have private energy work done or to discuss a book or topic of interest. we will also introduce you to various 'healers in residence' and local practitioners to expand everyone's access to this work. and lastly, we will be helping to heal the whole tribe. this means that we offer private events that play in this arena, in a way that speaks to those you love and the milestones that we all seek to celebrate and mark. this is a business but it is also a calling, so this is work we have done for a long time and that we hope to do for many, many years and it will naturally evolve. we always welcome your ideas and feedback on how we can make this space work better.


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What do I need for a salt cave session?

just your adorable self. you can expose your skin if you'd like, by wearing short sleeves or shorts, but its not necessary. we recommend you wear socks as you get settled in your seat, but that before the session begins, you remove them and let your feet sit in the salt gravel. its an amazing detoxification. its cooler in the cave, around 68-70 degrees F, so dress accordingly. we have blankets to make sure you are comfortable, but you know best what works for you. no cell phones or electronics please. and please be respectful of the space and the other people in your session... we want everyone to feel welcome and seen. otherwise, you just sit and breathe. let the salt work its magic.

What if I can't swing it? Like financially or time wise?

we offer a free cave session about once a month, specifically for adults or kids who want to try the salt therapy but can't afford the cost. and we are always open to barter (there is always work to do!). and timing wise, we can usually open up another hour if there is a time that would work. we believe in this work and if you want to try it, we will find a way to make it happen. reach out. we aim to offer a beautiful space and a high quality experience, but even more so, we aim to spread some love and good vibes in our community... that's the true business plan. so call or email and let's chat. there are helpers everywhere and doors may open where you least expect it.

What else?

just come and play here. we don't take any of this too seriously... we actually believe lightness = healing energy and that applies to our attitudes as well. this is a place of exploration, curiosity, healing, love and we are way easy on the judgement. if you find yourself here, we trust you know why... even if its not obvious today. so we will hang out with you and see where it leads. reach out any time with questions or comments or ideas or just to chat. we dig hearing from you and talking about this stuff. always.