there is a magic in gathering.

to come together with the intention to see each other and be seen... to witness one another with kindness and curiosity... join us for a gathering that speaks to you, any one will do. 

let me keep my distance, always, from those who think they have the answers. let me keep company always with those who say "look" and laugh with astonishment. and bow their heads.

- mary oliver


women's Circle

gathering just as we are... finding awareness, connection, intention and laughter.

always the love + the laughter.

tapping into tarot, meditative exercises, reiki and the phases of the moon, we gather to explore, learn, play and support each other.

this is an experiential group open to all people who identify as female... we are exploring and learning and laughing and there is no right or wrong way to show up here. if you get here and you remember to breathe, you are all set!

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most wednesday mornings (11:00am) and evenings (7:30pm).


full moon circle


seeking clarity and aligning with purpose.

our women's circles follow the phases of the moon, but when they don't align, we schedule a separate full moon circle.

the full moon calls to us... marking time. reminding us of how far we've come and allowing us a moment to pause and reflect.

traditionally, full moons are a sacred time of release and adjustment. we call on the energy of the moon and the rhythms of the year to assist our own realignment, both refocusing our intentions and shedding that which no longer serves us.

our full moon gatherings take place in the salt cave. we begin with a discussion of the monthly themes and energies, followed by a guided meditation of release and adjustment. sound and essential oils are used to heighten the experience and we close with clarified intentions for the month ahead.

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new moon circle

sharpening the aim of our intentions.

our women's circles follow the phases of the moon, but when they don't align, we schedule a separate new moon circle.

the new moon is a rich dark soil within which we can plant our intentions and visions. as the full moon is release, the new moon is a moment of pure potential... we can use it to apply fresh energy to a situation that feels stagnant or we can begin something new altogether.

join us in the salt cave at the new moon as we clarify and develop our vision. focusing this vital energy on the parts of our life that need momentum and lift. we begin with a discussion of the moon's energy and our monthly allies before we animate our intentions through a guided journey. essential oils and sound may enhance our visualizations. we will close with fine-tuned totems and mantras to carry forward into the month ahead.

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Reiki circle

a pause for restoration and relaxation.

reiki is a light touch therapy that serves a wide variety of ailments and needs. it offers a deep and accessible avenue for relaxation and primes the body for self-healing and recovery. reiki circles provide a space for self-care and self-discovery. as we relax we are able to tune into our place of knowing and hear the voice that knows best what we need.

we begin with a small group discussion around the chosen theme and then move to a sound enhanced meditation, where every participant receives a mini- reiki session.

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IMG_20180216_154828 (1).jpg

peace out

a chance for the kids to find their zen

this is a class designed for girls and boys 9-12. we'll begin with some relaxation exercises and then get cozy in the cave for a guided meditation to visit our spirit animals.

this is a fun and playful way for us to get to know our inner resources better.

we'll end with a mini- salt therapy experience.

kids have a lot of external influences in their lives... so here? well, we hope to balance that out by making their inner guidance just a bit louder and clearer and more powerful.

wear something comfortable and bring a water bottle and a journal if you'd like to draw or take notes.