healing is an art. it takes time. it takes practice. it takes love. 


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Salt Cave 

halotherapy for healing

natural salt caves have been used for healing and restoration for hundreds of years... its why people travel to soak in the dead sea, or why we breathe easier by the ocean. salt is a mighty healer indeed and our himalayan salt cave is a sparkling pink den of calming salty magic... 

halotherapy addresses a wide range of needs, from skin and breathing disorders to stress management and relaxation. the antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities of the salt create a pure, salt-infused balm in the air, while the negative ions induce a positive reaction in the body's nervous and lymphatic systems. during your visit, you remain dressed (minus your shoes) while pure medical grade salt is infused into the air. find out more about the benefits of a salt cave session here.

salt cave sessions can be booked for a single visit or a package of five sessions.

kids and their caretakers can come play in the salt during our kid's cave sessions.

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storytelling, insight & healing

we are meaning-making creatures and very little defines our lives like the stories we tell... the stories we tell ourselves, the ones we tell the world, the stories the world tells us...

the tarot is a story as old as time. the story of how a spirit unfolds in the world, the energies it encounters and explores and in the end, the great joy that comes with achieved expansion.

exploring your own journey through the tarot is like gazing into a mirror or finding yourself on a great map... who am i? where have i been? where am i going? what winds are at my back? what challenges lie at my feet? 

come to see your story with clarity and to widen your lens... storytelling is its own magic. the tarot helps you craft your own narrative into its most empowered and radiant edition yet.

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opening, balancing and healing

reiki is a light touch therapy which awakens and enhances the flow of life force energy, sometimes called chi or prana, throughout the body.

deeply relaxing, reiki induces an ideal state for healing and wellness. blockages and sluggish channels are cleared allowing feelings of vitality and vibrancy to surface. reiki can address a variety of physical and emotional ailments and works on the principal of intelligent energy... you always get what you need most, session by session. you can read more about reiki here.

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