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MEDITATION + MINDFULNESS - with kirsten haley…

everyone tells you how good meditation is! how blissful! how profoundly peaceful! you should be doing it 45 minutes a day! at a minimum! your children should be doing it! you should love it! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

but they must be talking about someone else. because it makes you feel antsy, your mind races, your legs fall asleep, you CANNOT stop thinking. you have so much else to do! someday there will be time for that, but not now!

i promise you, it doesn’t have to be this way. at its most simple, meditation is simply a defocusing. a softening of your awareness and a widening of your attention. but the results of an on-going practice- even five minutes a day- can be nearly miraculous

we will work with posture, breath and attention. it will be joyful, challenging and expansive. and maybe, just maybe you will find yourself wanting more.

let’s find out!

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