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sharpening the aim of our intentions.

the new moon is a rich dark soil within which we can plant our intentions and visions. as the full moon is release, the new moon is a moment of pure potential... we can use it to apply fresh energy to a situation that feels stagnant or we can begin something new altogether.

join us in the salt cave at the new moon as we clarify and develop our vision. focusing this vital energy on the parts of our life that need momentum and lift. we begin with a discussion of the moon's energy and our monthly allies before we animate our intentions through a guided journey. essential oils and sound may enhance our visualizations. we will close with fine-tuned totems and mantras to carry forward into the month ahead.

these are CO-ED circles. all are welcome. led by nina

$40 a seat or $180 for a package of five

wednesday evenings 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

june 5th 2019

july 3rd 2019

no circle in august

september 25th 2019

october 30th 2019

november 27th 2019

no circle in december

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