nina's mission is to assist you in transforming your suffering into healing and strength and to hold a safe and compassionate space for you. 

she is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. she has over 10 years teaching experience and has studied with Guru Singh, Gurmukh, Hari Kaur and Tej. she has a B.A from Brown University where she studied Art History. she teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in Princeton. she is currently training with the Four Winds School to become a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach.

"Thank you for (another) transformative session.  It was really eye opening. I knew that I have been dealing with these issues but now knowing their source is already allowing more freedom.  I actually feel really happy (maybe a little giddy, even) knowing that I don't have to carry this unnecessary weight. During other times of release and transformation in my life, I have often felt beaten down and exhausted after.  This transition of awareness and release feels very clean. I use the word "clean" because I am not angry or resentful. I only feel peace, love and gratitude for the awareness and future."  

"I greatly enjoyed being with you yesterday! Your work is super cool and different and powerful! Learned a lot and feel like I am freed to move on to my next phase as a more joyous, free, powerful YET gentle woman."