weekly vibes: seven of discs

easy does it.
+ let it be.

growth takes time.

you are clear. your arrow has been launched. you KNOW where you want to go and you KNOW who you want to be.

let the world catch up. 
and give that pretty brain a rest friend. 

your task is to center.
feel your body on this day. in this moment. in this miraculous, unique, never to come again moment. 

fear and doubt and the wild, heavy ways of the world will sing their sweet song... (come worry, come be hopeless, come bemoan the tragic and destructive trajectory we are all riding together...)

but you know better. you can practice deeper. you can feel all of that AND know beauty AND trust that the story isn't over yet AND feel the very real weight of your light and love. 

pick that faded flower from the vine too soon and you'll never get to know the sweet sweet melon. 

my son's class is hatching chicks. he says it's on the calendar for today. 10 am to be exact he says... I hope someone mentioned that to the chicks. 

some things take time. that's often the case with miracles. 

give your lovely brain some time off, anchor your awareness in your heart and let the world do it's thing. 

the birth, like the melon, will come. when it's the right time. and this time? this pause? it will be gone. 

be here now. I know you can find something to appreciate about this moment. and if you can't? I don't believe you. 😉