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REIKI - with kirsten haley

opening, balancing and healing

reiki translates from japanese to ‘Universal Life Energy.’ it is a harmonizing, high vibration, purifying energy that has its own natural intelligence. a light touch therapy, reiki awakens and enhances the flow of life force energy, sometimes called chi or prana, throughout the body. this energy works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, helping to bring us back to our natural state of balance and health. reiki has the ability to wash through the kinks of the energetic body: balancing, smoothing, soothing, and calming.

deeply relaxing, reiki induces an ideal state for healing and wellness. blockages and sluggish channels are cleared allowing feelings of vitality and vibrancy to surface. reiki can address a variety of physical and emotional ailments and works on the principal of intelligent energy... you always get what you need most, session by session. 

everyone benefits from receiving this shower of pure, clean light- and while all find it deeply relaxing, benefits can also be profound and deeply healing.

chakras are read and balanced and this can be a supportive and powerful companion to any other type of healing journey, boosting the body’s natural ability to regulate and heal.

60 minutes: $110 for an intro session/$130 regular session

packages of five available for $550.

click here to request a reiki appointment or email us at hello@saulthaus.com